How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends 2022

Once you purchase the 7-Day XP Boost, it’s also smart to devise a strategy for making the most of it. You will want to make the games as easy as possible without being penalized.

Why is it so important to reach rank 30 in the League Accounts ? Well everyone knows in order to play ranked matches a player needs to reach level 30 in the league of legends game. Any game love who plays league of legends knows the value of reaching level 30 in the league of legends and how important it is to reach level 30 fast.

Win all your games

To ensure you get as much experience as possible, make sure to win all of your matches because losses only give you 3/4 experience of what you would get if you won the game. Winning is essential to leveling your accounts in the fastest way possible.

Strategize Like Crazy

Once you purchase the 7-Day XP Boost, it’s also smart to devise a strategy for making the most of it. You will want to make the games as easy as possible without being penalized. For example, from levels 1-9 you could play coop vs. beginner because it gives you just as much XP as a PvP game would. At level 10, you’ll earn less XP if you keep playing coop vs. beginner so you need to switch it up to coop vs. intermediate until you get to level 15. The advantage of these shorter bot-games is that you can knock out a quick, 10 minute game in between classes or while you stand in line at the bank, you don’t have to devote your full attention and you don’t have to worry about losing. Just make sure you’re not afk for more than 5 minutes or your leaver level will rise.

Make sure that you make some friends with smurfs before you get to level 16. At level 16 if you continue to play coop vs. ai gives, you’ll be penalized with reduced xp/ip. So, it might be smart to graduate to PvP matches. Opt for blindpick over draftpick because you want to try to avoid players who spend more money on the game or are who are at higher levels than you (because they will easily have more champions and will use that to counter-pick you). Also, try to stick to the top two to three champions that you’re really good at. While winning won’t be as easy as it has been, you can bet there will always be smurfs on the enemy team as well which makes things a bit less challenging.

By the time you reach level 20, you should be focusing on spending your IP wisely so that you can get Tier 3 Runes which you will definitely need for ranked matches. You don’t need many champions to level up so buy three 450 IP champions, and save the rest of your IP for Tier 3 runes.

Don't end games too soon

The advice to finish games as soon as possible is one big leveling myth. The base XP of games is equal to only 1 minute of playing.

If you end games very soon, you will waste many times more on waiting in the queue, then in champion select, and finally for all players to load the game.

If the game is completely under your control, don’t finish it straight away. Wait some time so that you get much more XP when it’s finished. This method to level is the fastest.

Play your best champion

It’s easier to win when playing your main than trying out some random champion. This is exactly why people ban new champions in ranked games — to avoid their teammates picking them (yes, that’s a thing).

Doing so not only makes you lvl up in League in the fastest way. It also increases the mileage with your main champion. That's very useful when aiming for a higher rank.

Buy EXP Boosts

A boost temporarily increases the amount of EXP you’ll earn at the end of each match. There are two kinds of boost: Duration and Win Boosts.

Both of these Boosts can be purchased from the Riot Store using Riot Points, which you’ll have to fork out real world currency for.

Duration Boosts offer double the base EXP earned from a game, while Win Boosts add a healthy 210 XP on top of any match you play.

Duration Boosts last for a certain period of time, while Win Boosts will only be applied if you Win a game and only expire once you’ve won a certain amount.

In this guide we covered popular roles in League of Legends, including the role you want to main! Whether it’s Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, or Support, you can queue up for your next game on the rift, confident that you understand the core concepts behind your role. There is still a long way ahead of you towards competitive play, get into LoL account and enjoy the game. You can Buy League of Legends Account from to turn a profit.

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