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Hotstar has grown to become one of the most popular content streaming platforms since its introduction in

Hotstar Party has grown to become one of the most popular content streaming platforms since its introduction in February 2015. It has a large selection of movies, television shows, serials, and even live cricket and other sporting events. Following the purchase of its parent firm Star India a few months ago, the Walt Disney Company became the owner and operator of Hotstar on April 3. Following the acquisition, the "Hotstar" logo and name were changed to "Disney+ Hotstar." 

If you're reading this, you're presumably aware that Hotstar also provides native Android and iOS apps. A web browser can be used to access the content streaming service on a PC. You should know that, like other content streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, Hotstar allows you to download most of its content for offline watching. However, the material is only available through the company's own apps.

Multiple Methods for Downloading Hotstar Videos

Hotstar material can be downloaded in a variety of ways, including movies, TV shows, and live broadcasts. The ways you'll study in this article are bothBest Movies on Hotstar official and non-official or unofficial. The following are the working methods that will be discussed:

Hotstar's official mobile app for Android and iOS

A third-party web tool called Hotstar Video Downloader.
Using the command prompt, run the HotstarLiveStreamer app for Windows.
Videoder using Acethinker Video Downloader

You can save the videos on your smartphone and watch them whenever and wherever you like using these techniques. You may even move the videos you've downloaded from one device to another.

NOTE: Although these techniques include both official and unofficial methods for obtaining Hotstar videos, you should be aware that copyrighted content is unlawful and may result in legal action. We at AndroidFist do not advise or endorse you to do so, and we are not responsible for the results of your actions.

  1. Using the Hotstar App to Download Videos from Hotstar
    This is the first, official, preferred, and most efficient way to get videos from Hotstar. This method requires an official Hotstar native app for Android or iOS, depending on your mobile device. Download and install the Hotstar app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore if you don't already have it.
  2. You may now view the video offline whenever you want. The only drawbacks are that the video can only be viewed on the Hotstar app and that it cannot be shared or copied to other devices. This strategy is suitable for most users because they may only want to watch the item offline.

    Downloading from Hotstar

    The Hotstar Downloader is a third-party online programme that allows you to download Hotstar videos for free. Because this utility is a website, it may be accessed using any web browser on any PC running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. It can also download any sort of video, including live feeds, and thus circumvents all of the drawbacks of the official Hotstar app download technique.

The download will begin automatically, and you're done! You can play and watch the video whenever you want, move it to other devices, and share it with others.

3. Advanced Users: Using Command Prompt (CMD)
CMD is probably the most efficient and effective technique to download Hotstar movies on Windows. The CMD technique necessitates a long list of commands, but thanks to hotstarlivestreamer for providing a batch file. This strategy is straightforward and the ideal method for you if you have some technical skills. You may even download Hotstar premium videos with CMD, to your surprise.

Go to the same location as the extract and open the "video" folder to find the downloaded videos. These were the most successful and limited techniques for downloading Hotstar videos or movies.

4. Video Downloader Acethinker

Acethinker Video Downloader is a web-based video downloading service that works similarly to Hotstar Video Downloader. It can also be used to download videos from Hotstar Premium. Follow the instructions below to download Hotstar videos using Acethinker Video Downloader.

5. Utilization of Videoder

This option is for you if you frequently download videos and want to have a dedicated native app. This is the greatest way for Android smartphone and PC users to download Hotstar videos. Videoder is compatible with Android, Windows 10, and Mac, allowing you to download videos from any device. Videos from any media platform, including Hotstar, can be downloaded. It was originally designed to download YouTube videos, but it currently handles content from over 50 different websites.

To use Videoder on Android to download Hotstar videos, you must first install the Videoder app. You must manually install the APK file because it is not available on the Google Playstore. Go to the Videoder APK's official website and select "download." Simply open the app and look for the Hotstar icon once it has been installed. This will take you to the official Hotstar website, where you may browse and download your stuff.

Now select the video you wish to download and hit the download icon in the lower left corner. Choose your preferred video resolution and the download will begin immediately.







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