These Essential Skills UX Designers Must Have in 2023

It's a great time for user experience designers to start. Glassdoor has ranked UX designers among America's 50 Best Jobs 2022, based on job satisfaction and earning potential.

Find out what skills are required to be a UX designer.


It's a great time for user experience designers to start. Glassdoor has ranked UX designers among America's 50 Best Jobs 2022, based on job satisfaction and earning potential.


There's many ways you can become a UX designer.


To find the most relevant skills, we reviewed LinkedIn job postings for UX designers. Companies like Visa and IBM are seeking UX designers.

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What skills do UX designers need?

UX designers combine work and technical experience to create designs.


UX designers

  1. Prototyping, wireframing, user flows, mockups

It is important to visualize the final product when designing products.


Wireframe: A web layout that does not have visual design and prioritizes elements according to user needs


Prototype--A prototype can be a small version of the final product. High-fidelity prototypes can be used with keyboards or mice.


Mockup: This is a visual representation of the final website/application.


The user flow diagram illustrates how a user uses a product/service.


Interaction design is best practiced.


To create mockups and prototyping, you will need to use special UX software.


Software for creating visual designs and software to design

UX designers and UI developers use visual design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma Sketch to create visual elements for products.


  1. User research and usability testing

It is vital to understand the motivations and needs for users before you can create products that meet their needs, solve them, or delight them.


Product promotion is only possible if you do your research.


UX analysts are a valuable skill that many businesses use.


  1. Agile

Software industry has adopted agile project management.


UX design has so many similarities to Agile that an acronym has been created for Agile UX Design.


  1. Information architecture

Information architecture is the science and art of organizing and structuring data. UX designers can help users see where they are now, where they should go next, and what to do next.


Learn the most important patterns of information architecture.

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  1. Application development

UX designers do not need to code. Developers do.


UX designers can benefit greatly by learning about how applications work.


These will allow you to see the potential of your design and help you understand your expectations.


This will allow you to communicate better and collaborate with your development team.


Startups that have fewer employees may be more attractive if they have higher-skilled workers.


You will need to have basic coding skills if you want to study UI engineering.


Skills for UX Designers at Work

  1. Collaboration

To create UX designs, you'll work with other teams. You may need developers depending on the stage of your development to convert your designs into code.


You can contribute to the product's development and provide feedback.


  1. Communication and presentation

Communication and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Good UX requires collaboration.


Prioritization and time management

UX designers assist companies in managing their time and prioritizing tasks to meet their most urgent needs.



Improve your UX skills

These skills are ones you likely already possess. These skills can be an advantage when applying for jobs.


Learn UX.

UX Design courses are a structured way for you to improve your skills.


Coursera: The University of Michigan's UX Research and Design Specialization can help you develop job-ready UX skills.


Keep up-to-date with the most recent UX/UI trends

Keep up to date with the most relevant UX blogs in order to improve your UX skills.

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Use your UX skills to make a difference.

Sometimes, we learn the most by doing. These guided projects can be completed in less than two hours using no special software.


Design Development: Create and develop a website using Figma or CSS

Design: Design digital products with Canva

Google Forms: User Research: Analyzing User Research Data

A Project Analysis of Product Prototype Touchpoints in Miro

Information architecture: Sitemaps in Miro streamline user experience

Javascript: An introduction for application development

Communication: Google Slides Tutorial For Informative Presentations

How do you land a job? What UX skills do you have?

It's about convincing potential employers and hiring managers that your skills and experience are necessary to be hired.


Share stories about your past jobs, courses, and personal projects. Prepare to interview.


Begin with UX

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