Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market Report Analysis Report by End Use, by Region and Segment Forecast 2019-2028

On the basis of type of material, the Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market includes the key segments of steel and non-steel. The steel segment is expected to hold the largest market share in the market over the forecast period.

Market Overview- Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market

The welded spiral heat exchanger Market is built by rolling two long metal plates around the center core to form two concentric spiral flow passes, one for each fluid. The edges of the plate are welded shut so that each fluid stays within its own passage and there is no flow bypassing or intermixing. The width and spacing of the channel plate (the gap between plates) are designed for specified operation, maximum heat transfer, and ease of access. These heat exchangers are built to deal with the toughest challenges of heat transfer. Whether it's frequent fouling of dirty media, or restriction of pressure drop and floor space, it's the ultimate approach for liquid-to-liquid and two-phase activities. Due to these characteristics, welded spiral heat exchangers are used in various industries such as chemical, food beverage, petrochemical, HVAC refrigeration, power generation, pulp paper, wastewater and other industries. Increasing demand for heat exchangers in HVAC, petrochemicals, chemical, and food beverages industries across the developing countries is anticipated to provide ample of new growth opportunity for the market. 

Market Drivers

The market for welded spiral heat exchangers is driven by growing preference for welded spiral heat exchanger in petrochemical industry, growing industrial development in the Asia Pacific region and growing concern for sustainable energy development and intensive demand for energy efficiency is augmenting the growth of the heat exchanger. Welded spiral heat exchangers deliver high thermal efficiency in comparison to shell tube heat exchangers. They also have a minimal footprint and are easy to access during maintenance and repair. The benefits provided by the welded spiral type of heat exchangers are expected to boost their demand for dangerous and aggressive fluids in the petrochemical industries, as leakage is essentially excluded due to welded channel construction. On the other side, rapid economic development in developing countries is expected to boost the growth of the market during the estimated time period. 

Market Opportunities

The major players focus on economies of scope more than economies of scale as welded spiral heat exchangers can be used for many applications across different end-use industries. Hence, new product developments and extensive marketing activities play an important role in giving market players a competitive advantage. In addition, the increase in the thermal management system of the batteries, the increase in technological progress and the increase in research and development activities is expected to provide rising new growth opportunities for the market over the forecast period. 

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Market Growth Challenges

COVID-19 has severely impacted the growth of the market to a significant extent. The disruptions in the supply chain is expected to negatively impact the growth of the market. These factors are expected to be major challenges for the market growth over the forecast period. 

Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market Segmental Overview

The global Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market comprises of different market segments like material, flow type, industry and geography. 

Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market by Material

On the basis of material, the Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market includes the key segments of 

  • Steel
  • Non- steel

The steel segment holds the largest market share in the forecast period owing to its beneficial properties like high corrosion resistance at a wide range of pH levels, lightweight, high thermal conductivity, and high performance than other materials. 

Welded spiral heat exchangers are usually made of steel, which provides high heat thermal conductivity. The material enables the system to operate at a lower temperature difference and reduce the weight of the equipment. The demand for steel-based welded spiral heat exchangers is increasing from various end-use industries such as chemical, food beverage, petrochemical, HVAC refrigeration, power generation, pulp paper, wastewater industry, and others.


Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market by Flow Type

There are two types of flow. These are as follows:

  • Countercurrent flow
  • Co-current flow

Among these, the counter-current segment is likely to expand at a fast rate over the projected period, as the counter-current flow allows a diverse range of fluid temperatures to be exchanged and is highly effective than the other flow types. Countercurrent exchange systems are commonly applied in industry and are frequently observed in nature. For instance, a heat exchanger can be arranged in a countercurrent configuration to increase the overall heat transfer. The same principle is also useful for optimizing the transfer of chemical species from one flow to another.


Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market by End User


The major end-use industries of global welded spiral heat exchangers are

  • Chemical
  • Food and beverages
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Wastewater industry
  • Others

Besides, mounting demand from the chemical industry, technological innovation, and increasing focus on refining efficiency standards are further expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period. Moreover, growing chemical industry in the region is likely to result in increased product demand over the forecast period. Growing refinery capacities and the establishment of new chemical plants in the country are further expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period.


COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers Market

Axiom MRC provides a 360-degree analysis of micro and macro-economic factors on the global Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market. In addition, complete analysis of changes on the global Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market expenditure, economic and international policies on supply and demand side is provided in this exclusive report. The report also studies the impact of pandemic on global economies, international trade, business investments, GDP and marketing strategies of key players present in the market. 

COVID-19, drastically affects the world supply chain and industrial sector growth. At the initial stages of the pandemic, the world experienced, ‘supply shocks. China who plays a major role in the world’s supply chain was severely affected. There were disruptions to the availability of goods supplied from China. Supply of both finished and unfinished goods reduced. Day by day as the situation worsened, quarantines, social distance practices were imposed and nations begun instituting lockdowns. Following this the supply chains experienced demand shocks. The shutdown of economic activities affected all the sectors. Manufacturing and mining industry’s sluggish growth in turn affected the welded spiral heat exchangers market. Moreover, the steel, aluminium, copper manufacturing industries experienced a pullback due to sluggish demand.


Competitive Landscape Analysis


The competitive landscape analysis of Welded Spiral Heat Exchangers market is majorly focused on expanding the global growth of welded spiral heat exchangers sector with new product innovation, business expansion, increasing presence of range of manufacturers operating in welded spiral heat exchangers sector has led the growing demand for the market.  Besides, the market offers range of products in different applications to fulfil the required demand of consumer which is further contributing healthy growth in the market.  

The key players studied in market are 

  • Nexson Group (France)
  • Kurose Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Japan) 
  • Shanghai Shenglin ME Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SmartHeat Inc. (China) 
  • Shineheat Tech (Shanghai) Corp (China), 
  • Elanco, Inc. (United States) 
  • Alfa Laval AB (Sweden)
  • Danfoss A/S (Denmark)
  • Gooch Thermal (United States)


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