Fuel Dispensers Market Report Size, Share to Surpass $ 5.9 Billion by 2028

The report analyses the global fuel dispensers market based on by type, by flow meter, by fuel type and by geography. The fuel dispensers is present in market according to different types like suction system, submersible system.

Fuel dispensing system is a metal cabinet, extending eight feet in height, lighted price and volume indicators, a length of hose or hoses, with nozzles on the end, push buttons and instructions for operating the device.  These system are designed to measure, register, and deliver accurately the desired quantities of fuel product. The system has fuel efficiently from underground storage tank to dispensers. Many manufacturer produce self-contained unit which includes pump, air eliminator, valves and flow passages connecting to all enclosed in a single casing. The system has electric motor separate and drives the pump by belt and pulley. The technology advancements in automotive industry and increasing demand high quality performance products has fueled the market growth for fuel dispensers market

Fuel Dispensers Market Report Outlook


The driving factor for the growth of market is technological advancements in fuel retail sector as many innovative technologies are taking hold in fuel retailing. The Internet of Things (IoT) ), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, blockchain and application programming interfaces (APIs) which boost the market for the growth of fuel dispensing. In addition, new tools enables fuel retailer not only to track customer spending and usage, but to offer customers at the right price. Besides increasing import export activities worldwide as it leads to major exportation of goods and services that are produced domestically had led to growing demand of fuel dispensers. In addition, entry of digital innovations to mark beginning of new era is propelling the market growth.


COVID-19 Impact on Fuel Dispensers Market Report


The exclusive COVID 19 impact analysis report by Axiom MRC provides a 3600 analysis of micro and macro-economic factors on the fuel dispensers market. In addition, complete analysis of changes on the fuel dispenser’s market expenditure, economic and international policies on supply and demand side. The report also studies the impact of pandemic on global economies, international trade, business investments, GDP and marketing strategies of key players present in the market. COVID-19 impact on the fuel dispensers market was negative as the majority of station were shut down for few months which has ultimately hampered the growth of fuel dispensers market

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Fuel Dispensers Market Segmental Overview


The fuel dispensers market is segmented based on by type, by flow meter, by fuel type and by geography.


Fuel Dispensers Market by Type


The fuel dispensers is present in market according to different types like suction system, submersible system. Submersible system leads in the global fuel dispensers market due lower maintenance cost and service cost.  The Submersible system has fuel-pump unit, consisting of an asynchronous electric motor and centrifugal pump characterized in that the electric motor and the pump part are combined into a single submersible electric pump located inside the tank with fuel and connected by a pressure pipe to the valve a switchgear located above the neck of the tank. Also, systems also provide faster fuel dispensing.


Fuel Dispensers Market by Flow Meters


The fuel dispensers have flow meters in market including mechanical and electronic. Electronic flow meters have precise accuracy and high stability to measure the quantity of fluid that has been moved during the transfer process. The visual display controls the noncommercial dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity fluids including fuel, lubricating oil and other special fluids


Fuel Dispensers Market by Fuel Type


The fuel dispensers have different fuel type including petrol/gasoline, cng, compressed hydrogen, diesel. CNG is expected to have the highest rate due to growing environmental concerns and high volatility. The CNG fuel dispenser is equipped with electronic counters of quantity and price of pumping. These fuel dispensers are produced in Major size with one or two dispensing nozzles one-sided or double-sided modification. In addition CNG is low in pollutants and has high calorific value and heat yield, economical and available in abundance globally.


Fuel Dispensers Market Key Players


The key players in fuel dispensers market are Beijing Sanki Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd., Bennett Pump Company, Gilbarco Inc., Korea EnE Co. Ltd., Neotec, Piusi S.p.A., Scheidt Bachmann GmbH, Tatsuno Corporation, Tokheim Group S.A.S, Tominaga Mfg. Co., Wayne Fueling Systems LLC and Zhejiang Lanfeng Machine Co. Ltd. among others


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